Can I Run a sub-3.5 Hour Marathon with 30 Days of Training?

This is the big question: Is this even possible?

I’m not a big runner. I play a fair bit of sports, but that’s largely been on hold this year.

I’m also notoriously injury prone. Indeed, that’s the real risk here. I’m not even sure if I can complete this goal without pulling my soleus muscle (an all-too frequent injury I get while running).

So, how can I even hope to run this marathon with such little training?

Well, I’m gonna have to be perfect in my training and preparation. That means, for the rest of December:

  • No alcohol
  • No sugary snacks
  • No fast food

But that’s just the start. To have any hope of managing my body, I’ll also be:

  • Doing pilates every morning to stretch
  • Massaging the hell out of my legs with a massage gun
  • Ensuring I get at least eight hours of sleep each day

Oh, and….

  • Run!

I’m still working on my full training plan, but I’ll publish it here once it’s ready if anyone wants to see it.

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